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The ILLUSION        Of            DEBT

Published Author

Welcome to my official website .                                                        As the Narrator and Author of my book, my mission in life is to tell the undisclosed truth of the banking and political 'systems' that are all interlinked with a hidden agenda.

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Dollar Bill in Jar

Public & Banking Debt


I am offering you a sprinkle of gold dust to keep.

I love truth being uncovered and exposed!

What truth?

The truth of your money, cash, finance, wealth, materialism and opulence.

Where does ‘IT’ actually come from?

Where does ‘IT’ actually go?

Who owns ‘IT’?

Who makes ‘IT’?

Who are the Billionaires?

Who are the corporations?

Who decides on your government?

Who decided on your taxes?

What is debt?

What is credit?

I believe it is your right to have access to the truth.

You are NOT a slave to the system.

You are a human with rights.

This books takes you on the travels of one Calgarian who went from being a beef rancher

to learning about the private money creation and banking system in the most unique and incredible ways.

Join Randall on his journey as he shares many of his discoveries that will open your eyes

to the world of money in ways found in no other book.

If you think debt is real, then you will be in one helluva surprising ride as you buck your way through this journey!

Note: This is an eBook in PDF format.  

Notebook and Pen

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